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Statement from the Director of Graduate Studies

Now accepting applications for the Graduate Program

Priority Admission Deadline: December 14, 2018
Further details about admission requirements, and how to apply online, can be found on the Graduate Division website at:  http://graduate.ucr.edu/grad_admissions.html

The Ph.D. program represents our specific vision of Ethnic Studies: a rigorous, critical analytical approach that utilizes but significantly exceeds the rubrics of race, ethnicity, culture, and identity. 

We are seeking students with the drive, focus, and motivation needed for an interdisciplinary, individually tailored course of study.  Applicants should display proven ability or high potential for independent original research, expository prose analyzing data or research findings, effective argumentation, advanced critical thinking, and sophisticated theoretical knowledge production.

Our faculty members, in their research, teaching, professional, and public activity, analyze the ways in which powerful social constructs such as race and ethnicity intersect with class, gender, sexuality, and other forms of power, hierarchy, and difference.  Our research encompasses detailed historical investigations, radical social theorizations, incisive cultural critiques, and innovative policy analyses.  The graduate program reflects the department’s intellectual and pedagogical principles, as well as its engagement in a discursive dialogue and scholarly conversation across disciplinary and interdisciplinary fields.  Ultimately, our collective scholarship produces a unique body of work that models the mixture of multiple methods and practices.

Jennifer Najera
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Ethnic Studies
University of California, Riverside