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Emily Hue Emily Hue
Assistant Professor

INTN 4030
(951) 827-2894

Emily Hue, Assistant Professor of Ethnic Studies, is an interdisciplinary scholar who specializes in studies of humanitarianism, Asian American Studies, visual art, performance, queer studies, Southeast Asia and diaspora. She earned her Ph.D. at New York University in Social and Cultural Analysis in the field of American Studies and B.A. in Women’s Studies from Vassar College. She has previously held a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship in Comparative Literature and Foreign Languages at UC Riverside. Her book manuscript, tentatively titled, “Economies of Vulnerability: Humanitarian Imperialism and Performance in the Burmese Diaspora” uses visual and performance analysis, ethnographic interviews and archival research to explore how diasporic artists and activists from Burma and other postcolonial nations use bodily abstraction and in some cases, self-injury, to express their vulnerability to challenges of military rule as well as resettlement. She hails from Brooklyn, NY.


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