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Keith Miyake Keith Miyake
Assistant Professor

INTN 4020
(951) 827-6427
Web: https://keithmiyake.info

Professor Miyake received his Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences from the Graduate Center, City University of New York. His teaching and research interests span political economic geography, environmental policy, racial capitalism, Asian American Studies, geographical information science (GISc), and the carceral state. He is currently developing a manuscript in which he examines the fundamental relationships between systems of racial and environmental knowledge, governance, and community organizing, both within and against state. He previously served as a UC Davis Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow, a City University of New York Graduate Center Digital Humanities Fellow, and a Center for Place, Culture, and Politics Dissertation Fellow. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College, and spent several years working as an environmental engineer and public school educator. He has published on the critical use of GISc in environmental health justice research and has an article under review on the intersections between prison abolition and environmental justice.


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