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Robert C. Perez Robert C. Perez
Assistant Professor

INTS 4049
(951) 827-1828

Robert Perez did his undergraduate work at UC San Diego and the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour. He received his PhD from the History Department at UC Riverside. His work is focused on American Indian history with an emphasis on that region of the hemisphere that includes California, the US southwest, Texas and northern Mexico. Although his work is based on extensive research into archival documents from the 16th to 20th centuries in the Spanish, English and French languages, he also utilizes oral histories, scientific studies, ethnographies, pop culture and interviews with Native people in an attempt to present history with Native people at the center, but which is accessible to all. 

A student of colonialism in all of its current and past manifestations, Dr. Perez is concerned with examining the historical links between the events and policies of modern nation states with those of the colonial empires of the last five hundred years. He has traveled widely in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Muslim world in an effort to see what Native people around the world have to say about past and present events.

He has been the recipient of numerous fellowships from sources such as the Bancroft Library, the Huntington Library, the Mellon foundation, and the Ford Foundation. He is currently finishing a book project tentatively titled, “The Incomplete Conquest of Sonora: Native Survival and Colonialism, 1610-1776.” He encourages prospective graduate students interested in doing research on indigenous peoples from any part of the world to contact him.


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