Through transnational research centers, statewide initiatives, and local collaborative projects, Ethnic Studies students and faculty make meaningful connections between research, policy, culture, and social change.

  • The Young Oak Kim (YOK) Center for Korean American Studies

    The Young Oak Kim (YOK) Center for Korean American Studies

    The YOK Center at UC Riverside is on its way to becoming the preeminent research institution on Korean American Studies. The YOK Center is dedicated to understanding what it means to be a Korean American in the 21st century, the history of Korean Americans, the Korean diaspora in the United States and the world, and the role of Korean Americans in the reunification of South and North Korea. Professor Ed Chang is the founder and director of the YOK Center.

  • Latin American Studies Program

    Latin American Studies Program

    The Latin American Studies Program draws on multidisciplinary experiences and a long history of research expertise. We offer a major and a minor degree with courses focusing on Latin America in a global context. Students can choose from a wide variety of courses — archeology, history, society, political and economic issues, border studies, culture, literature, music, film, language etc. Many classes are offered in English, others in Spanish.

    Faculty and students also organize talks and events with eminent scholars and young, cutting edge researchers from the US and Latin America.

  • Critical Anti-Violence Research & Action Working Group

    Critical Anti-Violence Research & Action Working Group

    The CARA Working Group cultivates intellectual and activist opportunities for students, faculty, and organizers to engage in collective or autonomous research, policy, pedagogical, and organizing projects that address racialized gender violence. CARA hosts student organizing clinics (one of which supported the national #FreeLiyah participatory defense campaign), public reading groups, and other initiatives. In 2021, CARA will host a national symposium, "Making Space: Emerging Theories and Interventions in Critical Anti-Violence Research."

  • Immigration/Detention Initiative

    Immigration/Detention Initiative

    The Immigration/Detention Initiative leads citizenship classes for immigrants and provides legal advocacy to immigrants who urgently need legal support for their immigration case.

  • K-12 Ethnic Studies Initiative

    K-12 Ethnic Studies Initiative

    This emerging initiative will partner with local teachers to develop pedagogical approaches to teaching Ethnic Studies in a K-12 setting.

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