Challenge Yourself with the University Honors Program

University Honors will enhance and maximize your experience at UCR by providing opportunities for you to achieve your academic, co-curricular, and professional goals.

University Honors emphasizes scholarship, engagement, and student success. It is designed for high-achieving undergraduate students from all academic disciplines who value intellectual challenges; a curriculum characterized by depth and complexity; and an innovative, diverse, and stimulating learning community comprised of like-minded scholars.

University Honors is based on three pillars:

  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Culture of Contribution
  3. Diversity and Global Citizenship

You are required to participate in faculty-mentored undergraduate research culminating in a capstone project.

Current Ethnic Studies Honors Courses:

ETST 001H Honors: Introduction to the Study of Race and Ethnicity

ETST 002H Honors: Introduction to Chicano Studies in Comparative Perspective

ETST 005H Honors: Introduction to Asian American Studies in Comparative Perspective

ETST 007H Honors: Introduction to Native American Studies in Comparative Perspective

ETST 012H Honors: Religious Myths and Rituals

For more details about requirements and eligibility, please visit