Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be considered for admission even if my GRE scores fall below the requirements for admission and fellowships?

Your application may still be considered for both admission and fellowships; however, we would have to justify why we would admit you when your scores do not meet the minimum requirements. We factor in a combination of all application materials. If you lack in one area, but excel in another, there is still a chance for acceptance into the program.

I won’t have my GRE scores until after January 5. Will I still be considered for admission?

Yes. As long as we have your application and supporting materials in on time, GRE scores can be submitted through the beginning of January. However, test scores can take several weeks to get to us from the time you took the test, so you should take the test before December.

Can I apply for a master’s degree in ethnic studies?

Yes. The department admits a small cohort of master’s students each year. Funding for Master’s students is not guaranteed, though TAships may be available.

Does your department offer a Ph.D. or master’s degree in Chicanx studies/Africana studies/Native American studies/Asian American studies?

No. Our department only offers graduate degrees in ethnic studies.

Is there a foreign language requirement?

No. There is no formal language requirement; however, in certain cases a foreign language may be required if it is deemed necessary to a student’s research.

Where should I submit my application materials?

For instructions on completing the application, please visit the Graduate Division.