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Paul Green Paul Green
Associate Professor

INTS 4038
(951) 827-2907

Major teaching interests
Urban educational policy, politics and law; educational policy formulation, implementation and evaluation; educational policy and law.

Major areas of research and professional activity
Social Policy and the Law; Urban policy and politics (schooling, housing, labor, juvenile crime and incarceration, teenage pregnancy, infant mortality); Politics of racial justice litigation (equal opportunity, equal access, discrimination, organized resistance); Political ecology of poverty and inequality (segregation, desegregation, spacial and racial isolation).

Professional activities
Membership in American Educational Research Association, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, American Political Science Association, Educational Law Association, South African Education Law and Policy Association, Comparative International Education Society, Association for the Study of Higher Education.


BA Spanish Education 1987
Dillard University

MA Public Administration 1990
University of Virginia

PhD Educational Policy 1996
University of Virginia


1993 Fulbright Scholarships


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