Community Resources on Anti-Asian Violence

Community Resources on Anti-Asian Violence


Community Resources on Anti-Asian Violence, Curated by the UCRFTP Cops Off Campus Collective

This curated list of non-carceral statements, events, reporting, and resources speak to the longstanding and ongoing racialized misogyny, xenophobia, and fear of sex workers that have contributed to the countless acts of individual and state violence targeting Asian femmes, sex workers, elders, and others, and which contextualize the murders of spa workers in Atlanta on March 16, 2021. As we continue to have these important conversations, we hope the following resources provide guidance, analysis, support, and paths toward community-oriented action and collective healing.

Public Events


Reportage and Perspectives

Additional Resources/Reading


Photo above: Demonstrators ake part in a rally to raise awareness of anti-Asian violence n Los Angeles. Photo : Ringo Chiu/AFP via Getty Images